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Youth Lenten Retreat: ThinkFast CANCELLED


Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 1.20.39 PM
 is an interactive learning experience designed for youth. There are a collection of activities and reflections that will help our youth group experience the challenges of poverty and injustice in concrete ways.

By participating in this 25-hour educational and fundraising fast we stand in solidarity with those in the Global South who need our support, both through financial support to projects they are leading, and through a greater understanding of the structures that perpetuate poverty and injustice. In one day, you take a stand against oppression and directly support programs in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East that bring about peace, justice, and development.


What is this event about?

This event is designed for us to make a real impact on both us and the world in three different ways.  Firstly, we get changed, by learning about hunger and economic injustices in the world.  Through this we can intelligently choose actions that minimize the harm we do to others and maximize our help. Secondly, we pray for those who are suffering from injustice.  Prayer is quite a powerful tool to change both us and  the world.  Thirdly, we raise funds to support the Catholic initiatives in many Third World countries.

Who is this for?

All Junior and Senior High School Students are welcome to participate in this event.  Although we shall lead this event with Catholic values and prayers, both Catholics and non-Catholics alike are welcome to participate.

Invite your friends!

We also would welcome YOUNG ADULTS AND SOME PARENTS as leaders and chaperones.  If you are willing to help, please fill out the registration form below.

Can younger youth come? Like Elementary School-Aged?

Sorry not this year.

Do we have to Fast?

Yup.  The idea is that we go for 25 hours without eating so that we learn what it is like to be hungry.  Also fasting is a way of us saving money and therefore we are able to share it with those who are more in need.  Finally, fasting is a spiritual exercise too.  If we can learn to struggle with little temptations like eating, then we build our will power and can easier struggle with larger temptations such as sin.

Is it healthy to not eat for 25 hours?

Most teens and adults in good health can easily go for 25 hours without food. However if you have health concerns, go and ask your family doctor if this is okay for you.  If need be we can provide fruit juice and or other nutrition to those with medical needs.

Do we have to Fundraise?

Each participant is encouraged to fundraise for those in poorer areas of the world, but ultimately the answer is no.

If you (or your family) choose not to fundraise a minimum $50 for Development and Peace (the Catholic Organization for International Development) then we will ask you for a $30 registration fee.

However if you (alone or with your family) raise $50 or more, you get in for FREE!  Yes, Families who raise $50 or more can send multiple people to this event for FREE!

And there will be prizes for the people who fundraise the most.

When is this event?

This event was going to take place on Saturday, March 7 & Sunday, March 8, BUT HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

We will start on Saturday morning with registrations at 10am, and a very simple meal at 10:30am. Then at 11am we take away all the food and start with the program.

The next day (Sunday) we finish our fast at the 10:30am Divine Liturgy with the Eucharist, and follow that up with our Solidarity Meal at around noon. After that we wrap things up and should be done by about 1pm.

Sleep over?

Yup, this is a 25 hour event.  So… get ready to camp out on the floor!  (yes you will be encouraged to bring some sort of mattress such as an air mattress).  We will obviously separate genders into two rooms and adults will supervise so that we all have a bit of sleep.

Do we have to stay all night?

Yes, unless your parents (or legal guardians) make arrangements with us well in advance.  Nobody will be allowed to leave the facility.

Where is this THINKfast?

This entire event will take place at St. Stephen Protomartyr Ukrainian Catholic Church.  It is located at 4903 45 Street, SW, Calgary, AB (off of Glenmore Tr W.)

What do I need to bring?

  • Comfortable clothes for Saturday
  • Modest PJ’s for sleeping
  • Nicer but still comfortable clothes for Sunday (suit and tie is overdoing it, ripped jeans is underdoing it)
  • Running shoes
  • Toiletries (unscented)
  • Air Mattress or Foam Mattress
  • Sleeping Bag and Pillow
  • A reusable water bottle / travel mug with your name on it
  • Any cash or cheque donations you have received with the appropriate paperwork*
  • $30 if you did not fundraise at least $50.

* encourage people to make their donations online.  This will mean less work for you, and for us.

What you can bring if you want (and if your parents let you):

  • electronics such as phones, iPods, cameras, etc….  HOWEVER: we will not be responsible for them (you will have to be responsible for them yourself).  ALSO we will ask you not to use them during any activities, sessions or prayers.  AND… you should not use them in the sleeping rooms (so that others can actually sleep). AND… no photography of people who do not want to be photographed.

What not to bring:

  • non-prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances.
  • anything else illegal, immoral or dangerous.

What should I expect if I do bring/do illegal, immoral or dangerous stuff?

You will be sent home immediately.  If we need to, we will involve the police.  We don’t recommend that you do that type of stuff.

How do I register?

Cut and paste into an Email the following “THINKfast Registration” and send the completed form to us at: fr [dot] bo [at] telus [dot] net

We will send you information when you register, including how to fundraise, what to expect, etc…

You and your parents will also have to fill out a “Release Form” when you arrive at the event.


THINKfast Registration 2015

First Name:   ________________________________________________

Last Name:   ________________________________________________

Gender:   _______________________________

Age:   _____________________________________

Grade:   ___________________________________

School:   _________________________________________________________

Full Mailing Address including Postal Code:   ___________________________________________________________________

Your Phone Number:  __________________________________________________________________

Your email:   ____________________________________________________


Parents’ Names:

Parents’ Phone Number(s):  ___________________________________________________________________

Your Parents’ email(s):  ___________________________________________________________________


Do you have any health issues we should be aware of?  ___________________________________________________________________

(We will respect your information unless medically or legally required to disclose it.)