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Lenten Youth Retreat 2014

Lenten Youth Retreat 2014 Poster

Attention all youth:

On Friday March 28 in the Evening through Sunday March 30 at Lunch join us for a profound and action packed spiritual retreat with Andrew and Catherine Wojcichowski.

Lenten Youth Retreat Registration Form

Full colour booklets with lots of information about this retreat can be gotten from your parish.  Grab a few and give them to your friends.




Pioneer Camps: Pioneer Ranch and Pioneer Lodge are two of five Pioneer Camps and five Circle Square Ranch Camps across Canada. They are non-profit, recreational camps that are owned and operated by Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, a Christian organization serving Canada’s youth and educational communities. Pioneer Ranch and Pioneer Lodge both offer summer camps in July and August and operate as rental facilities for the remainder of the year. In addition to this, Pioneer Lodge also operates as a year-round teaching facility as well.

Pioneer Lodge is 16km SW of Sundre, overlooking the Red Deer River valley with a fantastic view of the Rockies. Up to 110 guests stay in dorm or twin rooms in the main Lodge, or in heated cabins. The dining room and several meeting rooms are also located in the main lodge. An additional meeting area, Nikki’s Chalet, is located in an adjacent building.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 1.05.13 PM

How much will this retreat cost me?

We have set the participant costs to $50.  We ask that you submit this retreat fee to the parish with your registration.  Please make cheques payable to “St. Stephen Protomartyr U.C. Church”.

How much does this retreat really cost?

For you $50.  But for us a whole lot more.  The cost of renting the facilities at Pioneer Lodge, hiring a bus from Edmonton, and another from Calgary, paying for supplies, and giving an honorarium to the speakers…. snacks, lunches for volunteers, photocopying, advertising, administration, even insurance…  This retreat costs the hosting parish well over $250 per participant.  But we think it is worth it if you can grow closer to God and become a more active member in your community.

Can we give more than $50?  Can I sponsor this event?

Yes if you wish.  Any donation over and above the registration fee towards the youth programming at St. Stephen Protomartyr parish would be appreciated.  You will even get a tax receipt from the church for sponsoring.

(Note:  You will not get a tax receipt for the $50 registration fee itself)


About the Facilitators:

Andrew and Catherine Wojcichowsky have been married for over 5 years.  They met at a Ukrainian Catholic Teen Camp where they discovered their same passion for God and the church.  Andrew and Catherine have attend many Lenten retreats, Unity, and World Youth Day together.  They have a son 2 year old son, Benjamin.  Currently, Andrew works for the City of Edmonton as a surveyor and Catherine is a grade one teacher with Edmonton Catholic Schools.



We will do our best to help you get to the retreat and back.  Our plan is to match people with vehicles and people without.

Those willing to drive youth from other families who need a ride will need to provide us with a copy of their insurance so that we know you are covered, just in case.  Obviously you will also need a reliable vehicle and a drivers licence.  Only adults will be allowed to drive youth from other families.

From Calgary:

Please fill out your registration form completely.  Fr. Bo will try his best to link those with space with those who need space.  If you have questions please call Fr. Bo or Teri, our office administrator, at (403) 249-4818 extension 0).  Space may be limited.  Please let us know if you need a ride or can provide a ride sooner than later.

From Edmonton:

You must reserve a spot by talking to Millie at the Eparchial Youth Ministry Office (780) 424-5496. Space may be limited.   Again, the sooner you can let us know, the easier it will be for us to arrange things for you.

How do I register?

Fill out and send in a registration form which you can download here: Lenten Youth Retreat Registration Form  Don’t forget the $50 registration fee (check or cash only).  Please make cheques payable to “St. Stephen Protomartyr U.C. Church”.

You can send it to us by:

E-mail (if you have a scanner): fr [dot] bo [at] telus [dot] net   *

Snail Mail: St. Stephen Protomartyr U.C. Church
4903 – 45 Street, S.W.
Calgary, AB
T3E 3W5

Fax: (403) 685-9001  *

Or drop it off in person at: St. Stephen Protomartyr U.C. Church

* obviously you can’t email or fax us the registration fee.  Please figure a way of getting it to us.  If need be you can give it at the door.

Please register as early as you can, so we can plan the event better for you.

Registration Deadline:  Sunday, March 16.


Proposed Schedule:


Please eat before you come.  No supper will be provided on Friday.

7 pm Welcome, Ice breakers, Sledding
9:15 Opening Session
10:00 Evening prayer
10:25 Quiet


7:40am Morning Prayer
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Ice breakers & Morning Session(s)
12:45pm Lunch
1:45 Ice breakers & Afternoon Session(s)
3:30 Discernment
3:50 Group Discussion
4:30 Team Building Exercises by Pioneer Ranch Staff
6:00 Supper
7:00 Reconciliation Session & Reconciliation
8:00 “Bear Pit” at Campfire
10:00 Evening prayer
10:25 Quiet


7:40am Morning Prayer
8:00 Breakfast
8:45 Group Activity & Setup for Liturgy
9:30 Divine Liturgy
10:30 Group Photo
10:45 Closing Session
12:00pm Lunch
1:00 Pack and Clean up


What to Bring:

Sleeping bag and pillow
Comfortable clothing
Indoor footwear (socks, sandals, slippers)
Spending money for pop machine or Tuck Shop (optional)
Winter coat & boots
Warm socks

Toque, scarf & mittens

Long underwear / Snow Pants

Camera (optional)
Some paper and a pen

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Can I bring my iPod, cell phone, etc…?

Since most of you are physically grafted to some kind of device… sure.  But please don’t use them at inappropriate times such as during talks, prayers, etc…  Inappropriate use will likely lead to us asking you to put away the device for the rest of the weekend.  (we won’t treat you like a child… please don’t act like one)

Also, you will need to be responsible for your own devices.  If things get lost, stolen or broken… that’s life.

Can my friend come if he/she is not Ukrainian Catholic?

Yup.  All are welcome.  (They will need to register of course.)

Can I smoke?

Only if you are of legal age and you do it in the one designated area which is very far away from the rest of us…. and please don’t exhale.

Can I do drugs? drink booze? go into the opposite gender’s dorm? spray paint my name on the side of a building?  yell profanities? start a fight? or pick my nose?

No. No. No. No. No. No. And please don’t.  If you plan on doing any of the first 6 just do not come.  After all this is a Catholic Lenten Youth Retreat.  Be reasonable and mature and all will be good.