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Faith Study

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Have you ever wondered why we believe the things we believe? or why we do the things we do?… If you have not, you are probably a robot.  If you have… then this is the thing for you!

We will be looking at all sorts of things like:

  • Where didthe bible come from?
  • What do all those things in the Liturgy mean?
  • Why are icons so… weird?
  • How does Jesus fit into the Holy Trinity?
  • Isn’t fasting old fashioned?

Come and join us.  We will be gathering most Monday nights (except on long weekends and the occasional time Fr. Bo is not available) at 7 pm and will talk and learn together.  There will be some “teaching time” and there will be some “Discussion / Q&A time” in every session.  Coffee and snacks will be consumed too (if people bring them).  Come join us.  ALL ARE WELCOME!


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