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Altar Servers & Children of Mary

Next Children of Mary & Altar Server Meeting:

September 19, 6pm

Boys and girls who are in grades 3-6 welcome.  (parents too)
Grade 2 who have completed their First Solemn Communion too.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 1.11.48 PM

It is our hope that children will grow in holiness through this program by:

  • Becoming more active in their own spiritual development
  • Growing in active participation in their parish community
  • bringing a Christ-Centered attitude to their homes, schools, and neighbourhoods
  • Gaining awareness of their roles and responsibilities
  • Bolstering their confidence,
  • Positively affecting all those who come in contact with these young people.

This program is based in part on the 25 year Eparchial Mission Statement of the Eparchy of Edmonton.  It has three “pillars” of the faith which are: “To Know God”; “To Love God”; and “To Serve God”.  Each of these three pillars is broken down into smaller topics (see chart) which can easily become the theme of one (or more) session.

Each “class” or “session” is broken down into a “learning” component, and a “doing” component.  In the first “learning” component, the leader would teach about the topic, and in the second “doing” component, the children would put what they have learned into practice.  In addition to the “Hagios Program” our children will all have an opportunity to socialize and play at each “Altar Server and Children of Mary” event.

To encourage the children to keep exploring the many topics, a reward system, similar to the badge system that is used by scouting groups, is used.  Stickers called “Seals” are rewarded to the students who successfully complete a section of the program. These seals are given out at three different levels.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 1.13.48 PM

Children who simply participate in class would get a BRONZE SEAL depicting the symbol of the topic.  (Children who miss the class, or who are participating in this program at home, may earn the seal by doing a simple assignment that would demonstrate a basic understanding of the topic).  The goal of this bronze level reward is to make everyone feel that they are participating.

A SILVER SEAL would be awarded to those students who do extra or exemplary work in that category.  Perhaps such work might include writing a report, participating in the Sunday Divine Liturgy, or providing food to a food bank.  The goal of this silver level reward is to encourage the children to become hands on with what they have learned.

GOLD SEALS are awarded to those who go to impressive lengths demonstrate leadership and to live out the theme of the topic.  Perhaps the youth would organize an event (such as a clothing drive) to help out the entire community, or they lead singing in their parish on a regular basis, or they make a display for the entire parish to learn about a particular topic.  The goal of this golden seal is to encourage leadership in the various areas.


Seals you can earn:

Liturgical Participation

Angels: Bodiless Powers

more forthcoming…  a link to each seal including a description of the program will be posted here in the future.